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We are focused on understanding you and what you need to move forward in your career. That’s why the first step in your job search with Tempo is getting in contact with one of our consultants.

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How can I register with Tempo?

You can complete the registration form on our website virtually at  Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email or WhatsApp to schedule an initial consultation.

What are the advantages of working through a staffing agency?

I've completed my registration; what's next?

I've been offered a position at a company; what's the next step?

I've spotted an appealing job vacancy; how can I apply?

I don't see a suitable vacancy, but I'm actively seeking employment.

When can I expect to receive my salary from Tempo?

Will I receive a salary statement as a temporary employee?

What exactly are reserves?

Can I receive compensation for unused vacation days without taking time off?

When and how will I obtain my annual earnings statement?

I don't see a suitable vacancy, but I'm actively seeking employment.

What guidelines are in place when working as a temporary employee?

What are the steps for living and working in Bonaire?

I'm relocating to Bonaire for work; am I entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses?

Who determines my compensation package?

Do I need to pay a fee to Tempo?

What happens to my accumulated reserves upon cessation of employment?

Am I entitled to sick pay as a temporary employee?

My recorded work hours appear to be incorrect; what should I do?

Where can I locate information about my accrued reserves on my salary statement?

I am ill; how do I report my absence?

I have recovered from being sick; what are the next steps?